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Our Vision & Mission

Promote health, environment and human development by building a poverty-free Togo.

Promote sustainable development in Togo through adequacy consumption-protection of environment and optimization of know-how of local communities and local resources.


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"Created since 1999, the National Consumers and Environmental Alliance (ANCE-Togo) is at present on all fronts. From biodiversity conservation through control of illicit trafficking in wildlife and flora to public health promotion, water and sanitation right promotion, consumers’ protection etc; it appears clearly that ANCE is finally a gift from God to Togolese.

The achievement is very impressive: thousands of citizens built their capacity on one or other of our field of activity, dozens of  law or decrees were adopted, thousands of families access to drinking water, others got sanitations, thousands of citizens access to information, our technical and financial partners were broaden. The situation is still far from satisfactory; hence, our ambition is to push still further by supporting the disadvantaged groups of society who required social assistance to work toward more equitable, just and prosperous world.

With your support, I hope we will still go further."

TOGO: Appeal to international collaboration to save the last population of manatees in Togo

The last population of manatees in Togo is constantly threatened by fishing just for their meat and the trade in bones of these species is organized in Togo for many years. On March 31, 2015, the collaboration between TALFF/ANCE-Togo project and the Ministry of Security authorities have helped to arrest a notorious manatees trafficker at Dékpoé in the southern part of Togo in possession of more than 20 cranes and 17 vertebrae of manatees.



On March 27, 2015, ANCE-Togo organized a capacity building workshop for Civil Society organizations (CSOs) stakeholders on United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) at ECOWAS conference room in CASEF Lomé. The workshop brought together fifty (50) different stakeholders coming from NGOs, professional workers trade-unions, publics as well as private medias journalists.

Fight against illicit trade in wildlife and flora species in Togo; Mobilization of stakeholders

ANCE-Togo organized on March 24, 2015 the stakeholders experiences sharing workshop on illicit trafficking in wildlife and flora species in Togo. This workshop gathered about fifty participants coming from French Embassy, Ministry of Environment and Forest Resources, Ministry of Security and Civil Protection, Ministry of justice, Interpol of Lomé, Custome Office, National Assembly committee in charge of environment and climate change, NGOs and media houses.

TOGO : Seizure of shells of sea turtle and living land turtle in Agbodrafo

On Saturday 7, 2015, the Central Office of Repression for Illicite Trafficking in Drug and money Laundering (CORITDL) in collaboration with TALFF/ANCE had seized 7 shells of sea turtle and 5 land turtle living in Agbodrafo.


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